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Transforming health care with AI innovations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the face of health care. OSF HealthCare is continually researching and implementing ground-breaking ways to use AI to responsibly and safely improve patient outcomes and access to care.

OSF gathers diverse data, develops advanced analytic systems and integrates AI in health care workflows and treatments. By using AI to create a more personalized patient experience, health care providers can concentrate on preventive care and ensure precise, timely diagnoses when medical conditions arise.

OSF joins Healthcare AI Commitments

We are one of 38 forward-thinking payers and providers working with the White House to determine how AI models can responsibly drive change in health care.

Building on years of experience with predictive modeling and machine learning, OSF is leveraging its expertise to impact the rapid development of new AI technologies in health care. The Healthcare AI Commitments provide a clear path forward, prioritizing transparency, safety and fairness in AI innovation.

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