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Build the future of health care with us through your time, talents and treasures. Your support advances ideas in different stages of development into solutions to better serve our communities.

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Are you a company with a health care solution that could bring value to health care systems across the country and patients? We can work with you to test and refine your concept, speed adoption and maximize scale and impact.
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Front line staff have firsthand knowledge of areas in need of improvement and often have ideas for solutions that can make a difference. We can help you create, grow or scale your concepts at any stage of the innovation process.


When it comes to generating innovative ideas in health care, it’s fair to say clinicians don’t have all of the answers. But neither do disciplines, such as computer scientists, data analysts or engineers, who are also looking to make their mark in the industry. That’s why we partner with academic institutions to fund projects between clinicians and academic researchers leading to novel health care solutions.

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We wouldn’t be able to achieve everything we’ve done so far without the help of Individuals, businesses and organizations. We welcome you to support the future of health care and join us on this journey.

Invest in the future of health care with us

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