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Clinicians collaborate to advance imaging at the bedside
03/23/2022 - With help from OSF IT, emergency department physicians at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and OSF Innovation, the company recently ...
Focus and outreach attributed to successful ventures fund
02/08/2022 - In January, OSF Ventures launched its third and largest venture investment fund since its inception in 2016. Stan Lynall, vice ...
How investment decisions are made
01/04/2022 - The goal of the OSF Ventures team is to ensure the devices, technology and services that are invested in enhance ...
Subject matter experts: a critical part of the investment process
02/11/2022 - As the investment arm of OSF HealthCare, OSF Ventures receives anywhere from 200 to 300 leads each year from companies developing...
Investing in the right solutions for OSF
08/3/2021 - OSF HealthCare launched OSF Ventures in 2015 to invest in opportunities to improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience and reduce the cost of health care. Since then, we’ve...
Improving ear infection diagnoses
05/11/2021 - If you are a parent, there’s a decent chance you’ve had to comfort a screaming child with an ear infection. And you are not alone. Studies show middle ear infections are among...
Professionals work with digital diagnostic on screen
OSF Ventures invests in company bringing AI diagnosis to health care
08/24/2022 - OSF Ventures, the investment arm of OSF HealthCare, has joined nine other investors in a $75 million Series B financing round to support...
OSF Ventures ready to tap third and largest fund under new leadership
06/30/2022 - OSF Ventures, the corporate investment arm of OSF HealthCare, begins a new era of leadership and investment as founding leader Stan Lynall begins...
OSF Ventures continues investment in Cancer IQ for high risk and early detection
03/21/2022 - OSF Ventures, the investment arm of OSF HealthCare and a current CancerIQ user, has joined four other investors in a $14 million Series B financing...
Epitel sensor applied to female
OSF Ventures joins financing for wireless seizure sensor
03/10/2022 - OSF Ventures joins six other investors in a Series A, $12.5 million funding round for a wireless, wearable EEG (brain wave monitor) to detect seizures...
OSF partners with venture studio High Alpha Innovation
02/11/2022 - As OSF HealthCare looks to transform health care by tapping its own Mission Partners (employees), it has chosen an outside partner, High Alpha...
OSF Ventures launches third and largest venture capital fund
01/7/2022 - OSF Ventures has launched its third capital investment fund, the largest since it initiated this program in 2016.
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