At OSF, innovation is essential to everything we do.

We inspire, mentor and partner to transform care through strategic solutions designed to connect everyday care needs with inventive approaches and bold advances.

Whether you are looking for best practices in simulation, how to bring an idea to fruition or searching for a partner to pilot your product, OSF Innovation at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center offers a variety of resources and services to help you positively impact health care for people everywhere.

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What We Are Exploring

Clear focus and direction are essential for successful innovation. With the Mission of OSF HealthCare as a guide, we concentrate our innovation investments, partnerships and activities in five areas that will serve the most important needs of the communities OSF serves.

OSF Innovation

Next Generation Business and Care Models

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We innovate to meet our patients with exceptional care wherever they are, and create the connected experiences patients and providers need - within and beyond hospital walls.
OSF Innovation

Community Health and Social Drivers of Health

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We develop new solutions that expand access for populations that have been marginalized by the environmental, social, education and economic conditions.
OSF Innovation

Radical Efficiency

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We invest in emerging technologies to deploy solutions that drive high efficiency, and collaborate with respected partners to hypothesize, test and redesign tools and processes used by caregivers daily.
OSF Innovation

Big Data and the Internet of Medical Things

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Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced technology, we are developing smart solutions to provide care with lower costs, better outcomes and more positive experiences for all.
OSF Innovation

Genomics and Precision Medicine

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Our curiosity inspires revolutionary ways to realize the potential of personalized medicine, and we leverage big data to tailor unique care to individuals.

How We Innovate

We combine the talents of multidisciplinary teams from OSF HealthCare with a variety of external partners to generate ideas, design change, test proposed concepts and implement solutions to health care’s most challenging problems.



Whether opportunities are generated by an OSF team, a business partner, a new startup or all of the above, we provide the capabilities to refine promising solutions.

Identify and Discover

We pursue strategic internal and external health care solutions that will bring the greatest value to our organization, Mission Partners and the people we serve.


Innovation is most rewarding when it can be carried out to improve health care across our integrated care system—and beyond.

Our Partners

We understand the value of fresh perspectives, and seek to work with innovators outside our walls. OSF partners with start-ups, corporations, universities and other hospitals to maximize solutions using existing assets.

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