Virtual Hospital

The Virtual Hospital combines actual medical equipment and the latest simulation technology to better educate, train and implement research with the goal of improving patient safety and health outcomes and lowering health care costs.

The Virtual Hospital consists of:

  • 6 Virtual Patient Care Units
  • 2 Virtual Intensive Care Units
  • A Virtual Operating Theater
  • Medication rooms with medication and supply dispensing equipment
  • A centralized work area, equipped with electronic health record systems

Patient Care Unit

Our Virtual Patient Care Units facilitate simulation curriculum using standardized patients and manikins and are used for orientation, continuing education, performance improvement and device testing for the entire care delivery team.

The rooms can be arranged to replicate an inpatient, outpatient or consultation setting to allow for a variety of scenarios.

Intensive Care Unit

Our Virtual ICUs are identical to working intensive care units.

They enable training methods using high-fidelity patient simulators and provide critical care orientation, continuing education, performance improvement, device testing and electronic ICU development.

Operating Theater

The Virtual Operating Theater, which includes a scrubbing station, is utilized to improve surgical outcomes by enhancing team communication in critical situations. The room is also used to test various devices. It can be arranged as a surgical suite, intervention lab and trauma suite featuring state-of-the-art technology.

Surgery residents and intra-operative teams, emergency department staff, cardiology fellowship and interventional staff all benefit from training in this space.

The surgical lights have on-board cameras and microphones that allow facilitators to see what's going on from behind the scenes.

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Our center is conveniently located in Central Illinois, about midway between Chicago and St. Louis. Peoria has an international airport as well as many hotel accommodations nearby to fully support a conference or workshop at our center.

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