ARCHES Faculty Fellowship Program

Faculty experts in health care research working to translate research into clinical practice.

Inset_Innovation_Learn_Fellowship.jpgThrough Faculty Fellowships and with the support of the Jump ARCHES program, OSF HealthCare and UIUC aim to develop and cultivate a cohort of faculty members with expertise in healthcare research and its translation to clinical practice and implementation.

The program embeds UIUC faculty members with a clinical team at OSF HealthCare OnCall Digital Health and provides financial support to enable fellows to dedicate significant time to the development of a joint project with the potential for significant research and clinical impact.

Fellows with a strong interest in developing innovative technology-based solutions to healthcare problems will have the opportunity to gain a strong background in the real-world, system-level dimensions that govern the delivery of healthcare solutions and the adoption of technological innovations. Faculty fellows should then be well positioned to pursue additional engagements with OSF HealthCare, including the development and implementation of their proposed project, via the Jump ARCHES funding mechanism.

2024 Funded Projects

Safe and Equitable Maternal Care through Systems-Focused, Technology-Based Solutions

An Empirical Investigation of the Sociodemographic Sources of Patients’ Adoption and Dropout from Digital Monitoring Programs

2024 ARCHES Faculty Fellows


Abigail Wooldridge, PhD, Assistant Professor, UIUC Department of Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering


Ujjal Mukherjee, PhD, Associate Professor, UIUC Gies College of Business