Capillary Refill Trainer



by OSF HealthCare System


Early identification of sepsis is a crucial responsibility for many clinicians. The capillary refill test is one strategy used; see how well you know this technique.

Capillary refill is the time it takes for blood flow to return to skin capillaries after pressure is applied that drives blood out of the capillaries. Using this technique can indicate symptoms often related to sepsis, and therefore can aid in identifying sepsis or septic shock.

This serious game focuses on how to conduct a capillary refill test and challenges the user to sharpen their skills through face-paced simulated assessments.


Target Users

Nurses, nursing students, providers, residents, and medical students.


  • It is a free app, compatible with all iOS and Android devices
  • Simulates the action of performing a cap refill test to check users comprehension of the process
  • Includes an educational overview of the technique and rationale for learning it


  • Skills  Technical: Practice the process of conducting a capillary refill test
  • Skills  Technical: Interpret the results of cap refill testing to determine if there is concern for sepsis
  • Skills  Behavioral: Comprehend the importance of monitoring for sepsis and the value of basic monitoring


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