Code Cart AR



by OSF HealthCare System

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Get on-demand access to a pediatric code cart!

Code Cart by Jump Simulation is a training and resource tool that lets users explore a fully-stocked pediatric code cart via augmented reality.


  • Highly-detailed model and drawer contents
  • Simple touch-to-interact controls
  • Tips and information from experienced medical experts
  • Feedback on user performance
  • Leaderboard comparing performance with other app users


  • Free Explore - no rules, just a chance to get to know the cart and learn useful tips about each item
  • Timed Search - a "scavenger hunt" type mode designed to increase user familiarity and speed to find objects
  • Scenarios - leveraging medical simulation curriculum developed by Jump Simulation, users demonstrate clinical knowledge and cart familiarity to ensure a successful patient outcomes

Custom Versions

Are you looking to have a custom version made for your organization? Email us to learn more.

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