Essentials of Critical Care Concepts

Critical care nursing is a complex, challenging area of nursing, wherein clinical expertise is developed over time by integrating critical care knowledge, clinical skills, and caring practices. This curriculum succinctly presents essential information about how best to safely and competently care for critically ill patients and their families. This curriculum recognizes the learners’ needs to assimilate foundational knowledge provided by this course before attempting to master more complex critical care nursing concepts.

In an effort to standardize competency and confidence of the care for critically ill patients, the Essentials of Critical Care Concepts are to be introduced to all OSF ministry novice nurses. Standardized critical care education will ensure that all critical nurses at every facility have the training and confidence to care for higher acuity patients and provide advanced, evidence-based interventions.

Course Description

Utilizing the modalities of self-study, new concept didactic, high fidelity simulation, and skills practice this course aligns with the students current learning patterns while providing an opportunity for novice nurses to experience the critical care concepts and environment in a supportive group setting.

Curricular Goals

  1. Improved Critical Care Nurse Competency test results pre to post.
  2. Positive shift percentage in Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Self-Efficacy Scale Confidence Mark.
  3. To standardize a critical care curriculum across OSF.

Assessment & Outcomes Measurement

Critical Care Nurse Competency Exam will be assigned after attending Essentials of Critical Care Concepts. Evidence-Based Practice Self-Efficacy Scale pre class and 6 months after class.

We aim to standardize curriculum and improve educational outcomes. We will track ministry participation in the classes. Critical Care Nurse Competency exam scores reviewed annually.


Registered Nurses


Lacey Reed
Clinical Educator
OSF HealthCare

Samantha Marotta
Clinical Education Specialist
OSF HealthCare